How the F*ck to Convert Traffic

Sep 6, 2023 3 min read
How the F*ck to Convert Traffic

Hello Ben’s subscribers!

Please don’t unsubscribe from this edition. I really don’t want to annoy Ben.

He does some of the best SEO scaling content out there and I’d hate him to block me from it 😅

And you’re probably reading this because you scale businesses with SEO content.

You probably get a tonne of traffic from excellent content. But, unless you convert that traffic, it all might be wasted effort.

So, how do you get people to click the buy button?

I’ve developed a framework for CTAs that gives people no option other than to click. It’s all based on copywriting techniques, psychology, and human nature so it’s applicable to every business in every industry.

But who the hell am I?

Find me on LinkedIn here

I’m John, a copywriter with 5+ years of experience working in startups and corporations [give me startups any day 🙏]

I’ve spent those 5 years in the copywriting trenches sending armies of words to fight on my behalf in the battle for attention.

I’ve managed to convince people to give a new startup their entire life savings. I’ve managed to convince people to choose one commodity insurance product over another. And I’ve written emails to fairly cold audiences with 68% open rates and 7%+ click-through rates.

I’ve managed to make people act.

And that’s where my framework begins, because [and I bet you never spotted this before] but ACT is an anagram of CTA.

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