How to Generate Demand with SEO (Incl. 5 Case Studies)

Dec 7, 2023 9 min read
How to Generate Demand with SEO (Incl. 5 Case Studies)

How to win beyond your in-market buyers and build a compounding powerhouse of content.

At any given time, most product groups have 1-3% of their target customer currently “in-market” for a solution.

There’s no doubt that SEO is brilliant at capturing this audience segment—we can funnel them to blog posts and landing pages optimized for keywords like “best CRM software”.

But is this now highly competitive “demand capture” arena where the value of SEO ends?

Or can SEO instead help reach the 99% of your target audience not currently looking for a solution? 

Can SEO make you memorable enough so your ideal customers think of you when they are ready to buy?


In this article:

  1. I’ll explain why SEO is one of the best distribution channels for audience development and demand generation.
  2. I’ll also share case studies and examples of SEO-driven demand generation in action.

Let's dive in.

Note: This is an article for premium subscribers only that supplements this week’s How the F*ck podcast with Aditya Vempaty


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