How to Start a Podcast Even If You're a Nobody

Jan 14, 2022 3 min read
How to Start a Podcast Even If You're a Nobody

How I started a podcast with nobody in my network and no real media skills.

I started the How the Fxck podcast and marketing community with nobody in my network.

The first person I invited, I didn't know. I'd read their book and loved it.

April Dunford, said β€˜hell yeah!’

And since then, 99.99% of people I asked have said the same.

‍How did I get them to say yes?

‍I think the answer is not 'how did I' but 'why did they'. Because I didn't do anything special.


‍In this post, I explain:

β€’ My standard go-to template for inviting people to the podcast

β€’ Why I think people always say yes

β€’ Why you have more value than you think

β€’ Why co-creating content is what every marketer needs to be doing

β€’ 13 steps to setting up your own podcast.

Let's ride:


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