The #1 choice that drives $$ from SEO

Feb 7, 2024 3 min read
The #1 choice that drives $$ from SEO

Not content. Not persuasion. Not design.

The most important thing for driving revenue results from SEO?

It's not how clear or clever your copy is.

It's not the way you position your product.

It's not your design or your architecture.

Don't get me wrong, those things are all important.

But, what really matters to $$ from SEO?

It starts way before all that.

It's your keyword choice.

How to Choose Keywords That Drive Revenue Results

There are three parts to choosing the right keywords.

The first:

Your audience.

They must actually search for the term. Or you'll bring in lots of traffic, but it'll be the wrong people.

The second:

Your product.

The keyword meaning, topic, and intent must align with what you do.

Or you'll bring in traffic from the right people, but for totally topics that don't allow you to show off relevant expertise and build trust in the right area.

The third:

The funnel stage.

The farther along the awareness funnel the searcher is, the more likely they are to convert.

stages of product awareness

For some keywords, the stage is obvious (while others are simply unknown).

Let's say you're a newsletter tool like Mailchimp.

Here are the stages of awareness they might see when assessing their keyword set:

  1. Unaware keyword: "best marketing ideas for small businesses"
  2. Problem-aware keyword: "how to regularly email my existing customers"
  3. Solution-aware keyword: "best email marketing tools"
  4. Product-aware keyword: "Mailchimp vs"
  5. Most aware: "Mailchimp pricing"

Now, imagine you have 100,000 searches per month evenly split across these keywords—10,000 on each.

It becomes quite clear that the 10,000 people searching for "Mailchimp pricing" require significantly less convincing to purchase Mailchimp than the 10,000 people searching for "best marketing ideas", right?

As you shift from unaware to most aware, their desire and openness to hear about your solution to their problem increases.

Note: Your goal as a strategist is to not blindly follow "funnels" and "keyword funnel definitions" but to understand which keywords prime your audience the best for conversion (I'll share even more on this in the next few weeks).

Talk to Those Who Get It

Together, these three parts of the conversion puzzle reveal the #1 most important decision that drives $$ from SEO: the keywords you choose to target.

When I build high-converting SEO strategies for clients, I craft them around keywords with the most business potential.

Those keywords are:

(1) one's your audience would search

(2) one's that align with your product

(3) one's that fall into the funnel between "most aware" and "problem-aware"

I recommend that you don't waste time trying to convince unaware people.

Instead, start with the people who already get it.

Help them across the line. Then the next group. Then the next.

There are caveats and nuances to all this.

But the overarching message is simple: prioritize wisely around your best opportunities for $$.

Perfecting the Recipe

In the last 12 months, I've perfected a recipe for building SEO strategies that:

  • Drive traffic
  • And real $$ results

My techniques are built around modern SEO best practices; revenue-focused strategy; and content readers actually devour.

This year, my goal is to help 10 companies build and scale their SEO engine the right way.

Those slots are filling up fast.

Want in?

I typically work with companies in three ways:

  1. Consulting: I coach your team to build a high-converting strategy and scalable content operation (it's ~$499/hour).
  2. Strategy & SEO Done-For-You: I dig deep into your industry, craft you a winning strategy, build your roadmap, and each month create content briefs that tell your writers exactly how to win.
  3. Everything Done-For-You: I build your strategy, ensure it works day-to-day, and my team (they're literally the best writers going) executes it all for you. From content briefs to uploading it on your blog—we've got it covered.

For package three, you don't need a single content person in-house and I'll help you turn search-first content into your biggest organic revenue driver.

Email me at to set up an intro call.


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