How to Find the BEST Possible Writers for Your Budget

May 10, 2024 5 min read
How to Find the BEST Possible Writers for Your Budget

This one may surprise you:

It's not always true that the more you spend per article, the better the content will be.

Sometimes you have a writer who will charge $2500 an article, but it will still be really average.

Or you could have a writer who charges $300 and makes some of the most helpful, creative writing you've seen.

Yes, it's significantly harder to find great writers at that price.

But it is possible.

In this week's newsletter, I'll share with you some tips for improving your chances of finding great writers at more affordable rates.

Writers are the cornerstone of every great content operation. They deserved to be paid well and fairly. The good news is there are writers available for every budget—this guide is to helping you find the best at your budget.

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