“Focus On Middle Funnel First!” Scaling ClickUp to 100K/Mo as a One-Man Content Team

Dec 13, 2023 7 min read
“Focus On Middle Funnel First!” Scaling ClickUp to 100K/Mo as a One-Man Content Team

“I try to take away as much editing from the start. Detailed briefs really help with that."

My guest on the podcast this week, Josh Spilker, joined ClickUp when the team was just 15 people (they went on to raise $400M at a $4B valuation in 2021).

He was their sole marketer for 1.5 years and scaled their organic traffic to the first 100,000/month, setting the foundations for their now 2 million+ monthly traffic.

While at ClickUp, he stumbled upon what he calls “Middle of Funnel Optimization”—a results-driven SEO strategy he carried forward and developed further at Friday (who added 100K customers in 12 months but later went into administration).

Josh shares a ton of excellent tips and stories in this episode. In particular, we covered:

  • AI and SEO, is Josh worried?
  • What is middle-of-funnel optimization? Why is it so effective and driving revenue?
  • Is there any value in top-of-funnel content?
  • Scaling the one-man band…and Josh's top tips for working with freelancers

All subscribers can listen to this episode by clicking here.

Looking to dig even deeper? Josh has an entire course on this topic here. He's discounted for How the F*ck readers 🤗

For premium subscribers, I’ve covered the highlights of this strategy with additional details below.

Middle of Funnel Optimization to Drive Growth

A middle-of-the-funnel (MoFu) search strategy creates content that targets an audience in the commercial research phase of the buying cycle.

This kind of content aims to win keywords like:


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