How Ahrefs Grew to 1.5M Monthly Visitors and Exploded Leads

Aug 29, 2022 5 min read
How Ahrefs Grew to 1.5M Monthly Visitors and Exploded Leads

Tim Soulo teaches us the Ahrefs lead generation strategy. Copy this for consistent, passive revenue.

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Tim Soulo joined Ahrefs with no specific tasks other than to help grow the company, get more customers, get more revenue.

Content turned out to be a great way to build brand awareness, establish thought leadership, and educate more customers.

In this playbook, we detail how Tim and his team use content marketing to drive leads consistently over time with less and less work.

They create content that targets large-volume keywords. That content is very product heavy and aims to add value while displaying the value of the product.

Want to listen to this strategy? Catch the podcast interview here.

SEO Content That Drives Consistent Leads


What metric was measured and moved?

Tim grew their blog traffic to 1.5m monthly visitors, but the end goal was always customer acquisition and retention.

Ahrefs has been around for more than 10 years now and JUST THIS YEAR measured blog traffic (because of privacy beliefs for users).

So how did Tim measure the success of each piece of content? Well, growth at all costs is not a priority for Ahrefs, they do things that interest them and are excited about.

They take that approach for content, too. No specific goals i.e., ‘content should drive X leads to be a success’.

Tim’s approach to content is simply to teach people how to use their product. Whenever someone signs up for Ahrefs, if they search in Google or YouTube for ‘how to do X with Ahrefs’ then they should find content that helps them find success and continue using the product.

What’s the strategy?


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