How to Use AI to Prioritise 10,000+ Keywords

Aug 23, 2023 7 min read
prioritize keywords with AI
Note: The weekly How the F*ck newsletter will be written by a guest author throughout August. This week, Tim Hanson is taking over the show. Tim's a good friend and one of the people I most trust in the SEO and content strategy space. Need a strategist or coach to push your content team to the next level? Tim is your guy.

If you’ve been following Ben’s amazing content for any time you’ll know about the benefits of content at scale.

As much as I love scaled content production, this brings along its own issues.

One big one is...keyword prioritisation.

I’ve seen far too many great content strategies get lost in a spreadsheet of 10k keywords with no idea what to do next.

I’m Tim Hanson, owner of fivethreeoh. I’ve built content strategies for 50+ series A-E SaaS clients. At this point, I’ve organised and prioritised a few million keywords to help make my clients over £23m in revenue from organic traffic in the last 3 years.

I used to do this manually. Over 5 days. Now it takes an hour.

In this newsletter, I'll show you how I do it for my clients.

I’ll take a list of 10k+ keywords and prioritize them so that:

  • Easy wins come first
  • They're aligned to business goals
  • Whilst also giving the difficult content the time it needs to rank

We'll need a few things: A keyword list, some data against those keywords, and about an hour of time.

This one hour will save me months in flopping around, back and forth, making no headway.

I’ll then create a formula in Google Sheets to spit out a number based on the various inputs I’m gonna give it.

  1. Those inputs depend on what I’ve gotten from the tools we’ve used, search vol, cpc, cps, a keyword difficulty score, an “SEO” score, trending data, how many keywords are being considered in the same search, SERP overlap, etc.
  2. I’ll need to know what my goals for this content are, too. Is it traffic? Is it conversion? Topical Authority? I’ll need to chat with my client to get straight on this.

With this data, I’ll create a series of prompts to help me work through this problem and give me a formula that works best for me, the data I have, and the goals I have.

A quick note on data sources. You’re going to want to get them all into one spreadsheet. Whichever way you wish to pull all the data into one spreadsheet is up to you. I got real familiar with array vLookups. You choose your poison.

Now, let’s have a chat with our favourite AI chatbot.

I’m gonna use ChatGPT.

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