Anatomy of a High-Converting Blog Post

Jul 5, 2023 4 min read
Anatomy of a High-Converting Blog Post

This week, Benji Hyam from Grow & Convert shared his 6-steps to building a high-converting SEO strategy.

It was awesome.

I love coming across people with such a huge focus on quality content and revenue outcomes.

I wrote up the strategy here(Full disclosure: it's £17 to join the community, but you'll also get 30+ case studies and templates)

In this week's newsletter, I want to expand on one point in particular: what makes a piece of content convert?

Now that AI-written content is becoming widespread, we have to ask ourselves what kind of content will actually work, and why.

There's so much to explore here.

So, let's break down one of the articles Benji's team wrote for the healthcare company, Cognitive FX.

I'll cover:

  • 7 elements of a high-converting article
  • Why those are so effective (there's a lot of psychology involved)

Let's dive in!


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