My SEO Blog Template Checklist - Boost Engagement; Ranking; Conversion

Nov 22, 2023 4 min read
SEO blog template design checklist

11 elements of a flaming-hot blog template.

When I start working with a new client, I almost always get them to change their blog template.

Why? Because packaging matters (and theirs often sucks).

When a reader makes a search and lands on your 0.00001 seconds they make a judgment:

To trust, or not to trust?

All they see: the page design.

As they continue to read, the template will either improve their navigation of your content or do very little to help.

In today's newsletter, I walk you through the all elements I request are added to my client's blog design.

Two weeks ago I promised:

1. Graphic design checklist (find it here)
2. Content design checklist (find it here)
3. Blog template design checklist (today!)
4. SEO design checklist (soon!)

So let's get right into week three: my blog template design checklist.

My SEO Blog Template Checklist

11 Rules to Follow

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