Your SEO Content Needs a Better Thesis

Oct 18, 2023 4 min read
seo content needs a thesis

Most SEO content is boring as hell. Let's fix that.

Most SEO content is dull as dishwater.

We're pretty savvy in this industry at serving "search intent" (aka creating content that delivers what a searcher is looking for).

The easiest way to make sure you're doing this is to reverse-engineer Google:

  1. Google your keyword
  2. See the content type and angle that's ranking in positions 1-3
  3. Create the same

However, the problem with this is...everyone is doing it (#SEO)


In marketing, when something becomes best stops being best practice.

Because great marketing is memorable.

It helps you stand out.

It differentiates your company glows, fiercely in people's minds.

I'm not telling you to make your titles more interesting.

This is deeper than that.

The last thing you want is for someone to click your article...and then realize you lied in the title.

We all hate clickbait.

We want to click your article because it sounded unique and interesting.

We then want it to deliver a resounding, mind-changing argument that makes us smarter and closer to our goal. 🙏

Most SEO content these days is so damn surface level it hurts.

It all reads like a "101" course on the subject (if ChatGPT can write it, I don't want to write it).

Where are the quotes from cutting-edge thought leaders?

Where are the diverse perspectives?

The interesting takes?

The fun themes?

Let's fix that.


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