My #1 Tip for Hiring Great Writers

Aug 23, 2023 3 min read
Hiring Great Writers
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Someone wise once told me:

"If someone does something once, they will do it again. You can guarantee that."

Nowhere is this little insight into human behavior more apparent than when trying to hire a new freelance writer.

I've noticed it time and again.

If they do these things on their test article:

  • Miss a deadline
  • Ignore instructions
  • Hand in a really bad first draft
  • Leave obvious spelling/grammar mistakes

Then...they will do it again. Guaranteed.

But, I'm a sucker.

I like to give people the benefit of the doubt.

So when hiring new writers, I'd accept the first article if it was "OK" and trust that if I asked them to:

  • Read the full instructions on style
  • Follow the brief exactly
  • Make sure it's on time
  • Use more examples
  • Use Grammarly

Then they'd simply do those things for the next article.


Unfortunately, I get proved wrong on that on a daily basis.

And can be exhausting.

It's definitely inefficient.

And it occasionally creates waste (just last week, I had to throw out an entire article and pay for it).

So, naturally, I've built a systematic test into my writing hiring process.

#1 Tip: Vet all new writers in the hiring process for their "ability to follow instructions"

Here's how.



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