How to Do Meaningful SEO Reporting | Tips & Tactics

May 1, 2024 7 min read
How to Do Meaningful SEO Reporting | Tips & Tactics

Waste less time. Improve self-reporting. Automate more.

I’m not a big fan of SEO reporting.

These Reddit comment about sum up why:

It can feel like a giant waste of time, especially when I already know the key data points and that time could be spent executing.

However, there is a difference between unhelpful vanity reporting and helpful insights reported monthly to reassure, underpin discussions, and guide strategy.

When the right data is reported it unlocks three major benefits:

  1. It tells you what is working and what isn’t—allowing you to dig into unforeseen issues and pivot your strategy based on real insights, not hunches.
  2. It helps you prioritize your budget. Maybe certain topics convert at a 10x rate. Wouldn’t it be good to know that, so you can double down on that topic?
  3. It helps win client trust and further buy-in. Your reporting can turn your client contact into an internal champion, arming them with arguments that show progress and ROI.

Besides, even this reporting doesn’t have to be arduous and time-consuming. The majority can be automated or the client can self-report easily to get what they need.

So in this week’s premium read, I’ll dive into reporting. What’s useful? What’s not? What can be automated? What makes reporting meaningful?

Let’s take a look.


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