How to Build Your First-Ever Topic Cluster (And Make a Splash in Your Industry)

Sep 7, 2023 2 min read
first ever topic cluster

Here's how to build your first topic cluster. Start to finish. So it drives real customers.

Hey team,

I recorded my first-ever solo podcast this week🎙️

It's 15 minutes of just me. Alone. Monologuing...

(This is a first shot at the solo pod, so if it sucks I'm trusting you guys to let me know)


I chose this topic because I continue to meet teams getting shafted by their SEO & content agencies.

It typically looks like this:

  1. "We're not really sure what they're doing"
  2. "We have 500 blog posts but no traffic"
  3. "They told us we need X, Y, Z wildly niche change"

And when I browse their site, I see the same thing.

Again and again:

  • A sh*t ton of 700-word blog posts that are useful to literally nobody
  • A keyword strategy that doesn't align with their core product value
  • A content strategy that doesn't suit their audience in the slightest

So, I find myself frequently advising them to go back to the drawing board.


Content and SEO have never been more competitive.

Brands that win are literally investing millions to do so.

700-word blog posts w/o a coherent strategy behind them will not win right now.

Teams that don't get that...try and cut corners.

Until they realize that slow, steady, and successful might actually have been a better choice than fast, cheap (and failing.)

So, together, we start again.

We stop cutting corners.

We slow down if the budget doesn't allow it.

We do this thing properly...and we start by following this strategy👇

How to Build Your First-Ever Actually Good Content Cluster.

Your first is so important.

I call it your lighthouse cluster.

It signals who you are.

It sets the tone for your content moving forward.

It's like a flashing beacon differentiating you in a crowded space.

In the podcast, I walk listeners through a process with four steps:

  1. Defining Your Value
  2. Finding Your Highest Commercial Potential Opportunity
  3. Sense Checking and Prioritization
  4. Considering Traffic & Difficulty (and Why You Shouldn't)

I finish up by addressing three challenges you might face on the journey to crafting a mark-making, industry-shaking, authority-building library of content.

My goal is for every listener to go away with a strategy AND the business principles behind it.

For the time being, this episode is only available to premium subscribers. Please let me know if you like the format :)

Listen below:

Solo 1 Full Episode How To Craft Your First Topic Cluster in 4 Steps Building Authority Libraries Getting Real About Quality



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