How to Choose a Profitable Niche - A Data-Led Approach

Mar 29, 2023 6 min read
profitable blogging niches

In the latest How the F*ck episode, we heard from Adam Smith, Founder of Niche Site Builders.

He's grown (and sold) 100s of blogs in his time and has perfected the art of choosing niches that are:

  • easy to win
  • fast to win
  • monetizable

The trick to this is to base your niche selection in deep competitor analysis. And that's actually quite simple to do, albeit time-consuming.

In this week's Premium SEO case study, I'll share his process for analyzing the competitive landscape.

Whether you're in SaaS or niche blogging, this should help you find uncompetitive areas of traffic to win.

Step One: Topic selection

The first step in this is choosing a broad topic.

My general advice on this has always been: choose an area you're passionate about.

A niche blog is often a slog, you need to do weekly blogging for a year before seeing results.

You're only gonna stick to it if you fall in love with the process.

But, if you're purely building a blog as an investment—one you can build & sell—then passion matters very little.

What matters instead is:

  • Is this traffic I can actually win?
  • Is this traffic I can actually win, at a cheap price point?

If your blog is an investment, it makes sense to invest capital into writers—which costs money.

But it costs considerably less money IF you choose an easy topic.

So, when it comes to topic selection, it's better to build a blog that can be created by non-expert writers with a knack for research:


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