How Venngage built millions of backlinks and 3 million in monthly traffic.

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This is a playbook for creating viral content that drives brand awareness while generating traffic from search engines.

The playbook is based on an interview with Nadya Khoja, the Chief Growth Officer at Venngage, who joined the company when it was a fledgling startup and led their growth to 3 million organic visitors per month.

As an infographic maker, Venngage north star metric is digital sign-ups, and then conversions to the premium product. Currently, Venngage earns 150,000 new user registrations per month.

Let's break down the strategy together 👇

Venngage aims to rank highly in Google for both high-volume, low-intent searches (like ‘infographic’) and lower-volume, high-intent searches (like ‘infographic maker’). Ranking highly for high-volume search words brings significant brand awareness, whereas high-intent searches drive product sign-ups.

Venngage’s worldwide metrics (Source, SemRush)

For example, Venngage is number two when I search for the word infographic. That’s an incredible result because it is searched in the US alone around 125,000 times per month.

Intent-based searches, where the reader is searching for a term that clearly indicates they have the intent to purchase or use the product, are even more valuable. Venngage does extraordinarily well here, too. Here’s proof of their number one ranking for the term ‘infographic maker’.

Nadya’s tip #1: High volumes of traffic are a double-edged sword. If it’s low-quality traffic, you can drive sign-ups that ultimately lead to churn. However, more sign-ups mean more data and therefore, better decision-making. A churn problem is a nice-to-have problem.

Venngage owes its success to what they term ‘viral content’. They would create original content that was naturally shared widely by top news sites and influencers, propagating across the internet and ultimately ensuring Venngage earned TONS of backlinks.


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