How Typeform Built SEO into a $3M Annual Lifetime Revenue Channel

Jan 18, 2023 10 min read
Typeform SEO case study
About the guest: Jake Stainer is the Co-Founder of the SaaS SEO Agency, Skale. He was Typeform's Head of Growth throughout their scaling journey 2015-2019 and has advised companies like Hotjar on their growth.

Jake joined Typeform in June 2015 as employee #29.

In his first couple of weeks, they celebrated hitting $1M in annual revenue from 5,000 customers.

By the time he left just 3.5 years later?

Typeform had:

  • 10x the employees
  • Grown to $13M in ARR
  • Grown their SEO channel to $3M in yearly lifetime value revenue

In this week's SEO case study, we hear how a growth marketer scales SEO with:

  • Product-led SEO techniques
  • Retention-driven topic choices
  • Growth modeling for search
  • Processes designed to win

It's a good'n peeps.

Expect to learn:

How Typeform selected and prioritized keywords to drive the most revenue growth (an example of product-led SEO in action)

How Typeform built out their template library, ranking for 1,000s of bottom-of-funnel keywords.

Typeforms unique backlink building technique that scaled them to 2.3M backlinks (and 93 domain rating)

How to build an SEO growth model that makes sure your strategy prioritizes revenue (with template)

Listen here. Or find all our SEO podcast episodes here.

Typeform’s SEO Strategy: Building a $3M Annual Lifetime Revenue Channel

Typeform’s product was innovative.

They invented the one-question-at-a-time approach to surveying, and it quickly took off.

When Jake joined Typeform back in 2015, he was a performance marketer and Typeform had yet to implement SEO. His budget in his first month was €5K to make something happen.

Just 3.5 years later, he’d built Typeform’s SEO into a $3M a year channel and executed one of the most successful examples of product-led SEO I’ve ever seen.

His monthly budget? £500K.

“Traffic? I have no recollection, to be honest. We weren’t looking at traffic at all. We were super obsessed with sign-ups and customers. Some keywords drove more sign-ups, others more customers.”—Jake Stainer, Ex-Typeform Head of Growth, Founder @ Skale


  • 30,000 non-branded organic signups (all signups from non-feature, pricing, and product pages)
  • $3M a year in LTV (new customers x lifetime value)
  • 50,000 paying customers

Let's dive in 👇


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