Growing a Daycare to £13M in Revenue via SEO (Local SEO Case Study)

Nov 16, 2022 6 min read
local seo case study here

In the episode, Tim Hanson shared the details behind an extremely impressive growth story.

For one of his former clients, a premium child daycare, Tim helped them grow from barely ranking to earning £13.5 million in revenue via SEO.

That's what we call high-value search marketing. 🚀

“The traffic graph doesn’t mean shit if there’s no money coming in.”—Tim Hanson, Founder at fivethreeoh

We covered these key points:

⚡ The story behind the growth of child daycare to £13m.

⚡ One quick website optimization that ranked the site top 10 (for tons of keywords) in just three weeks.

⚡ Why letting your SEO writers breathe and write content they enjoy writing benefits rankings.

⚡ Why you should just hit publish on content, even when it's 80% complete.

⚡ Why "money" keywords are important and how you can rank #1 for them.

⚡ Three ways to get in front of your target persona, even when there's zero search volume for products like yours.

⚡ The benefits of topic authority for winning trust and enabling your buyer.

Listen above, or read below

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