Year of the Dragon 🐉

Jan 10, 2024 1 min read
Year of the Dragon 🐉

What to expect from How the F*ck in Q1.

Hello friends,

Happy New Year and all that jazz.

In the free HTF newsletter over the next few months, I'm gonna get obsessed with the art & science of content that drives revenue results.

We’re all out here scaling content, generating traffic, and dominating our niches.

But, to what end?

100,000s of visitors. 1,000s of blog posts. And for WHAT?

✊ we want more customers ✊


But, not all your content is generating real results…is it? 

Or you are seeing results…but aren’t sure why…or deep down you know your content could be performing even better.

So, in Q1 2024, we’ll deep dive into how to create content that generates clear business results.

Expect topics like:

  • Setting up your measurement, analytics, and experiment stack.
  • Designing a conversion-focused SEO & content strategy.
  • Tactics, optimizations, and opportunities to drive more performance.
  • Tips and techniques from conversion writing experts.
  • Scale without fail (i.e. printing content without it being really boring)

Exciting 🕺

Premium members (👋) can expect written-up case studies, interviews with SEO and content marketing pros who’ve driven revenue results, and operational workflows for scaling these things.

Stay tuned.


P.S. It's the Year of the Dragon soon. So this year we're channeling this dragon energy into this newsletter: "intelligent, confident, powerful" (or something totally different depending on the SERP you click on). Let's get it.


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