9 Free SEO Tools [That Will Optimize Your Workflows]

Oct 11, 2023 4 min read
9 Free SEO Tools [That Will Optimize Your Workflows]

Here are nine 100% free SEO tools from 2023. Improve your outcomes, and do it faster.

Hey all,

I've gone through my bookmarks and daily tools to find the 8 best "100% free" SEO tools I'm using right now.

These should:

  • Speed up your workflows
  • Help you find SEO improvement opportunities

Enjoy :)

1/ AI-Powered Google Quality Rater & Helpful Content Checker

This is pretty epic from Jonathan Boshoff.

His new tool has learned Google's Quality Rater Guidelines. It will read your blog posts and offer some tips for improving each one.

Check it out here.

2/ Compare the SEO of Two Pages

This awesome tool by thruuu lets you compare two URLs instantly.

Simple insert the URLs and you'll get:

  • Page outline
  • Frequent terms
  • Schema
  • And more!

Check it out here.

3/ SERP Similarity Checker

This awesome tool by Mark Williams-Cook will save you tons of time.

You enter two keywords [keyword one] and [keyword two] and it will Google them separately and tell you how many results they have in common.

This quick test should tell you if one article can win both keywords, or if they have separate enough intent that two articles must be created.

How to use:

Heres how to use it

Check it out here.

I created this automated internal link audit template.

First, insert your Ahrefs internal link data and then append data for the URLs you're working on.

The template will help you identify pages with poor internal links and suggest how many internal links it should have.

Check it out here (with instructions).

5/ Search Console Bubble Chart (Find SEO Opportunities)

Google did us a solid and provided some free training on Google Search Console.

They gave us a Looker Studio template, which is 1-click to connect to your own website's data. A bubble chart will appear that will help you analyze your search data and find areas to improve.

How to use:

  1. Grab the template
  2. Connect Search Console
  3. Follow the guide below to understand what you're seeing

Check it out here.

6/ Compress Image Files in Seconds (and preview it)

This is probably the tool I actually use most: image compression.

Drag an image into Sqoosh and it will allow you to choose the size you want it to be (and the quality loss you'll see).

Check it out here.

7/ Quickly Understand On-Page SEO Basics

In just one click, learn almost everything you need to know about a page.

From internal links to schema, from heading structure to a quick exploration in another tool like Ahrefs.

Definitely worth checking out.

Check it out here.

8/ Content Decay Calculator

I also created this content decay calculator template.

It'll help you find any content that's declined for three months in a row, so you can bring it back to life.

Full instructions are here.

9/ SEO Checklist Tool

Collaborator.Pro created this cool SEO checklist tool.

The checklist acts as a guide for an audit. Run through every task on the list to optimize your search strategy.

SEO checklist tool
Like checklists? I've written my own SEO checklist for new websites here.

That's it for now.

Got any recommendations people should know about? Let me know!


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