How to Run a Successful Channel Marketing Campaign

Jan 14, 2022 4 min read
How to Run a Successful Channel Marketing Campaign

We dig into the detail behind Lev's successful brand awareness campaign: All you need is Lev. And learn how Lev became top of mind for their channel partners.

This week, I interviewed Holly Enneking, the VP of Marketing at Lev.

Holly has so much fun with her marketing.

Just looking through the Lev website makes me excited.

The creative is on point and the campaigns they run are out-of-the-box.

‍In this episode, Holly told me about one particularly successful campaign titled, "All you need is Lev."

‍Listen to the episode if you want to know how Bluetooth speakers + songs titled 'Crazy in Lev', 'Lev me tender' and 'drunk in Lev', made it into their prospect's hands.

‍Lev's main revenue channel is through partnerships, so we also got to talking about channel marketing.

‍It was certainly interesting to hear how a marketing team focused on partners operates.

‍Hope you enjoy this one!

What is channel marketing?

‍“So channel marketing is really about having partnerships and fostering partnerships in order to drive your sales engine. So for Lev, we are 90% channel focused. So what's happening for Lev is that we are closely aligned with our partners at Salesforce, especially the marketing cloud account executives that we're working with.

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