How to Get 2m Clicks in 16 Months in a Tough-to-Win Niche

Oct 26, 2022 10 min read
How to Get 2m Clicks in 16 Months in a Tough-to-Win Niche

I interviewed Ryan Darani several months ago, just after he shared this fantastic graph on LinkedIn.

Traffic growth graph from GSC
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He'd been consulting for 16 months to help an at-home blood testing eCommerce company on their SEO.

Healthcare falls under the Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) category. The content in this space must be truthful, accurate and non-deceptive or it could directly influence the reader's happiness, health, or financial stability.

For obvious reasons, this content is particularly difficult to rank. It must be packed with Expertise Authority Trust (E-A-T) to pass Google's strictly guarded quality evaluations.

Despite these limitations, Ryan helped their content team scale traffic dramatically, from 30,000 monthly visitors to 195,000 🎉.

Regardless of whether or not you're in a difficult-to-win niche, this is a guide for winning no matter the circumstances.

In my interview with Ryan, we looked into the details behind this phenomenal success story.

We covered these key points:

⚡ We learned why links are a major part of the success of your site. But, you shouldn't start with them.

⚡ We learned why regular content expansion helped Ryan accelerate traffic growth (and 3 ways to do it).

⚡ We learned why you need to make your content unique (not a rewrite of the top 10 SERPs). Especially if your site isn't a huge authority.

⚡ We learned why improvement in 3 particular trust signals is where "real growth" came from.

⚡ We learned where Ryan sources expertise from, and how you can find unique, expert sources to tap into.

⚡ We learned about topical authority, and the key signals that tell you you've achieved it.

Listen above, or read below

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