How Topical Authority Helped Respona Grow 0 to ~100K Monthly Organic Visitors

Oct 5, 2022 4 min read
Topical Authority by George Chasiotis

Learn how George and his team grew SaaS startup, Respona to 100,000 monthly visitors leveraging the latest SEO techniques.

This week we focus on the organic growth journey of a <50-employee SaaS startup named Respona.

In two years, our podcast guest and his team wrote close to 100 blog posts, driving 20,000 organic keywords—1,500 of which were in positions 1-3.

The result: Around 100,000 monthly visitors.


A lot of people write 100 blog posts in two years.

That's only one per week after all.

But, most never reach 100,000 in monthly traffic.

There's a secret sauce to that.

In this week's podcast, you'll find out:

  • How to choose which topics to write about
  • How to identify the intent behind a keyword
  • What is topical authority and how to achieve it
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Three Highlights From This Case Study

Here are three things you should take away from this episode:


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