My biggest mistake

Nov 1, 2023 4 min read
My biggest mistake

The story of How the F*ck. My journey building this community. And some mistakes made along the way.

Where all this started

Most people won't know this, but when I started How the F*ck it was simply my creative outlet.

At the time, I worked in a tiny SaaS startup (just 3 people and I was there from day 1!).

But I wasn't empowered.

We were moving slowly. The product wasn't even ready yet.

My creative marketing wings were constantly being clipped by a boss who didn't believe in me (or marketing).

So...I started a podcast.

Finally, my own thing. Nobody can tell me what to do.

I can say "fuck" as much as I want. Even in the title. Because boring marketing is...well, boring.

I could have fun building a brand.

I could build a site in Webflow.

I could learn Adobe Illustrator.

I could practice writing.

And my side quest?

I suddenly had a reason to sit down each week for 1 hour with marketing industry legends and ask them anything I wanted...for free.

My first guest was the positioning expert April Dunford. Episode 3 was B2B marketing guru, Chris Walker.

Can u believe it?

My biggest lesson from this time: If I can do it? You can do it. And being a "doer" seriously opens doors.

How did this lead to freelancing (and the mistake)?

SEO is my passion area. And my "10,000 hours" area.

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