How to Use Aged Domains to Juice Up Your Authority [9-Step Evaluation Criteria]

Mar 22, 2023 10 min read
How to Use Aged Domains to Juice Up Your Authority [9-Step Evaluation Criteria]

Aged domains are older websites that have accrued SEO authority.

Buying one is a shortcut to having a very organic-looking backlink profile. On which, you can build a brand new niche site or redirect those links to another site.

But you must tread carefully.

Domains come with a history, and those histories could be more nefarious than they look on the surface.

In this article, we learn how to evaluate an aged domain and how to leverage them to your advantage.

We’ll cover:

  • What is an aged domain? Where can you buy them?
  • 9 evaluation criteria - How to make sure you avoid a BAD domain
  • Methodology - How to redirect an aged domain properly

What Is an Aged Domain?

aged domain definition
Definition: An aged domain is a domain that has been abandoned by a pre-existing business. But when it was a live website, it accrued “SEO authority” via backlinks and topical traffic.

An aged domain is a domain that was used by a business in the past.

The domain could’ve been owned by a brick-and-mortar business that had a website that went along with it, it could have been an e-commerce store, or it could have just been a blog-type business.

And then for whatever reason, they decided to close the business or they decided not to renew the domain name.

This happens for all kinds of reasons. For example, we've seen lots and lots of businesses closed down over the last couple of years with COVID, and, using Wayback Machine, we can actually see that that's the reason why lots of these domains have expired.

Why Use an Aged Domain?

There are two use cases for aged domains:


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