What the Fxckkk?!

Sep 20, 2022 2 min read
What the Fxckkk?!

Hi you delightful human!

It's been a while hasn't it?

In fact, some of you receiving this email probably forgot signing up completely because it's been that long.

I can only say sorry about that—before you hit unsubscribe immediately, please give me a shot.

I'm Ben 👋 I created the How the F*ck podcast in April 2020 with this episode right here.

What a ridiculously good interview that was. Literally I peaked on episode one 🤦.

After 36 episodes, I took a break in November 2021.

I'll level with you, I burnt out.

I was not looking after my mental health and my world felt like it was crumbling.

So I put the project on pause. Tried to work a lot less. Focused on myself. And that's a journey I'm still on.

But, I finally have breathing room to bring back something I absolutely LOVE doing—the podcast.

We are BACK! (With a healthy vengeance.)

Life in a startup can be confusing as hell, I truly would have loved a guide through it. How the F*ck's mission is to become THE go-to resource for startup marketers looking to accelerate growth with organic strategies (while avoiding time-wasting, costly gurus that don't deliver their promise). I wrote a manifesto about what to expect and the content philosophy—Read it here.

Season 2: What's new?

Not much.

Just kidding, A LOT!

  1. I just announced something really special to me—a sponsor. I'll save you a click, it's Ahrefs. Wild, right? A lot easier than it seems; DM for deets.
  2. Move over big budgets for PPC, this is the year of SEO strategy. That means every episode of this season will unlock the details behind search-driven growth stories for startups. Expect the secretest of sauces behind MAGNIFICENT content strategies wins, HUGE organic demand generation campaigns, and all the shortcuts used by the BEST in startup growth.
  3. New website: I'm using Ghost.org to host the content. You can login to get subscriber-only exclusive content.🎉
  4. A brand new content stream: Premium. Let me get real for a second. It's hard work to do this consistently week in week out, and it ain't cheap. One day, I'd love to bring the most valuable, detail-driven startup strategies to the world as my full-time job—this is a stepping stone towards that.
Premium Edition: The podcast itself will always be free. There is one fundamental benefit to Premium: each week's episode will be accompanied by bonus material—a write up of the strategy we talk about in the episode. All the key points and extra nuances will be written in up in one place for you to keep forever. I'll also do periodic bonus episodes with my most 🔥 advice based on my own experiences.

There are currently 9 Premium guides (check them out here). The library there will be growing each week as Season 2 unfolds.


A simple question with a simple answer: tomorrow.

Season 2 kicks off with an incredible episode with Dimitris Drakatos.

He was Head of SEO for a $12M Series A startup called Peanut App.

In 12 short months, they grew from ZERO to 2.3 million monthly visitors.

I was so blown away. That's almost unheard of.

Look out for my email tomorrow to be the first to listen to how he did it. All the gritty details.

Thanks for reading and sticking with me! This season is going to be great. So much love for you :) ❤️ Ben


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