How to Write Copy Like a Pro

Jan 14, 2022 1 min read
How to Write Copy Like a Pro

5 stellar pieces of advice for aspiring copywriters and 5 more unique marketing lessons from Eddie Schleyner.

Here's a man who needs no introduction: Eddie Shleyner.

I've been wildly excited to release this episode since I recorded it over a month ago.

I was hanging off of every word during editing.

Having studied the greats, Eddie seamlessly draws on their experience to deliver an explosive number of tips and tricks for anyone aspiring to copywriting excellence.

Eddie's the ex-copywriting lead at G2, copywriting consultant at HelpScout and Drift, and the +7 year founder of VeryGoodCopy.

VeryGoodCopy is vividly useful and educational copywriting blog, newsletter and premium community. The blog hosts more than 250 lessons and interviews and four valuable micro-courses.

He brings all those years of dedicated practice to the interview in which we cover these points:

  • Eddie's copywriting journey. How can you learn and master the skill of copywriting like Eddie?
  • VeryGoodCopy's growth journey. Learn the tips & tricks Eddie used to gain 15k subscribers, making this his full-time career, and growing his LinkedIn audience to 32k+ followers.
  • Why Eddie's process for writing helps him be such a prolific high-quality content producer.
  • There are 5 elements to every email. Learn what they are and how you can leverage them to grow your business.
  • 5 high-value pieces of advice for aspiring copywriters that will either kick off your career or take all of your marketing to the next level.
  • Eddie tells us the strongest human incentive and you can use in your copywriting to consistently drive action.
  • Eddie gives me a lesson that boosted the conversion rate on my latest eBook.
  • Learn why the skill of copywriting isn't necessarily your mastery of English. Which copywriter made $200m in sales despite it being his second language.
  • Towards the very end, Eddie gives us one actionable tip to help generate creative connections that will boost your copywriting conversions.

‍If any of this blog post convinced you to listen...that's because I've listened to the podcast TWICE. It's that valuable.

Listen on this link and like this post on LinkedIn to accelerate our growth.


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