How I Attract Big Name Clients With Content

Jan 14, 2022 3 min read
How I Attract Big Name Clients With Content

Planable has clients like Social Chain and the United Nations. In this episode, we find out how they create content that serves the customer and wins consideration.

In this week's podcast, we talked to the founder of Planable, Xenia Muntean.

Planable is a social media collaboration and management used by marketers to plan, collaborate, approve and schedule their social media posts.

Planable boasts clients like Social Chain and the United Nations.

So, in this episode, we deep dive into the content strategy used to win those customers.

Here's a quick summary of what we covered 👇

How do you win insanely cool clients like Social Chain?

  1. Build a product around your customer's feedback—a very useful product.
  2. Invest in creating content that serves the customer

What's an example of the content you create?

A couple of months ago we launched our series of 6 Holiday Kits (PDF guides) to help marketers prepare and plan for the holiday season. This campaign brought us 600+leads and thousands of visits. This just illustrates the power of giving value to your audience through content.

We often do this—creating useful kits, designs, coupons and other resources to serve our audience.

How do you turn those into customers?

We serve them well, we keep in contact with them, and we hope they consider us and remember us when they're in need.

It's very hard to measure content success. The attribution is very hard. But you have to trust in the process.

Occasionally, we will reach out to a downloader personally if we think our product would really fit them well. But we don't work leads in a traditional sales way.

It's a long term game. My best expectation is for them to check out other content and keep engaging, we don't have a specific conversion rate from download to customer.

What made your content campaign a success?

We aim to make it original and actually valuable. Not just a long blog packaged into a kit, but a resource that is really useable in the wild.

We also partnered with other vendors to create something great and leverage their audience—but as an early-stage company this was hard and we can't count on it as a growth channel.

What does your other content strategy look like?

It used to be all about brand. Now we have greater alignment with our product (using our product in a very subtle way as part of the 'how-to') and leverage SEO to drive more leads, too.

Always, we do a lot of research and make sure it's highly valuable.

What's your most controversial marketing opinion?

A recent one I heard is a disagreement with repurposing content. Lots of people repurpose content endlessly. You get better results by creating content designed for a channel specifically, people shouldn't be blindly repurposing content.

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00:00: Brief summary and intro to the podcast.

01:00: Welcome

01:11: Description of what Planable does and how the brand started.

4:06: How Planable helps agencies vs. independent organisations.

5:07: How building a good product and having customer development conversations can help attract big-name clients.

6:35: Why investing in content and creating usable content ultimately helped Planable attract large clients to their platform.

‍9:17: The difficulties of measuring content success.

‍10:42: Avoiding sales calls and giving the client the freedom to sign up on their own.

‍13:01: What does success look like?

‍14:13: What specific attributes and resources resulted in Planable’s campaign success?

‍15:03: Partnering with other vendors to tap into their audiences.

‍17:00: How to choose what to blog about: blogging from a brand and product perspective, fueled by SEO.

‍19:49: Launching on Product Hunt.

‍21:21 What is Planable’s preferred channel for getting marketers?

‍21:58: Why podcasts can be the preferred way to tap into an audience.

‍23:40: Exploring Clubhouse.

‍25:14: What is most controversial marketing opinion? Exploring repurposing content.


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