How to Create an Inbound Lead Engine Your Sales Team Doesn't Hate

Jan 14, 2022 1 min read
How to Create an Inbound Lead Engine Your Sales Team Doesn't Hate

Dixa's inbound lead generation process—better than the rest.

This week's guest is Jennifer Montague, Director of Marketing at Dixa (the Europe-based customer service platform that just raised their $105m series C round).

Dixa has been absolutely killing it in recent years, in part thanks to their incredible marketing team.

In this episode, we dig into Dixa's marketing inbound lead generation process, and learn a thing or two about setting up a process that your sales team don't secretly hate you for.

Expect to learn:

  • What content you should create
  • How to think about persona segmentation
  • Whether you should gate or ungate content (we get a clear argument to add to the debate)
  • Which leads, when, and how to hand them over to your sales team

Hope you enjoy the episode.

Here are some key moments you can look forward to:

07.32—Do you run a typical marketing lead generation, ebook download, MQLs to sales process? How does your lead gen work?

10.45—Where does Jen fall on the gated vs ungated content? What has her experiments shown to be true?

14:30—One successful strategy for Jen: Targeting with ungated content, then retargeting them with gated content that’s really relevant and related to the first ungated content.

15:55—How does lead scoring at Dixa work?

17:30—is this just a luxury of larger teams? Will smaller teams have the ad spend to get enough volume of leads for them to trickle down to a sale?

21.00—Choosing your ICP carefully, and picking innovative individuals and companies to be your champion.

24:31—How does Jen reach different buyer personas, and how does she get relevant content to them?

28:00—What kind of content should an early stage company focus on to drive the most impact?

30:00—How much experimentation does Dixa do? Let’s hear about the experiments you’ve run.


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