How to Start a Successful Marketing Agency

Jan 14, 2022 3 min read
How to Start a Successful Marketing Agency

Funky Marketing started in 2019 and they closed 33 deals in 2020 alone.‍ If you want to replicate his success on one of your projects, startups or marketing campaigns, this is a must-watch episode.

It was an absolute pleasure to interview one of my favourite marketers: Nemanja Zivkovic.

In the episode, we dig into the Funky Marketing success story.

‍Funky Marketing started in 2019 and Nemanja & co. closed 33 deals in 2020 alone.

‍If you want to replicate his success on one of your projects, startups or marketing campaigns, this is a must-watch episode.

‍What you'll get from this episode 👇

On this page:

  1. Quick Q&A with Nemanja
  2. The podcast
  3. The YouTube video
  4. The timestamps so you can skip ahead


‍The podcast episode builds on the points in this mini-Q&A.

What's the high-level overview of your marketing success story?

‍"I closed 33 deals in 2020 by focusing only on Linkedin.

By scaling LinkedIn, I grew my company, I grew my team, and now I'm doing the same for the clients.

It all begun by me switching from B2C to B2B, bringing with me feelings, emotions, and focusing on the customers - everything that was missing in B2B."

What's the steps you took to meet this success?

‍"Started with a company name, landing page, 30 pages strategy PDF, and existing personal brand (for the local market), and building from there to having 5 employees and $15K MRR."

‍Explanation of specific steps (Nemanja has written about some his tactics here):

  1. How to shorten your sales cycle and increase your revenue
  2. How to create a B2B content machine
  3. The Funky Marketing lead magnet: B2B marketing strategy

What metric was your focus?

"MRR. We started from Serbia, which means we couldn't price our services as US or even EU companies can. It took us a year to get there."

What's your must-follow tip for anyone wanting to copy this strategy?

‍"Focus on people, show people in front of the company. This is where the keys to content distribution is. Hint: creating content without figuring the distribution is like creating art just to hide it in your closet."

Episode timestamps:

00:00: Brief summary and intro to the podcast

01:00: Welcome

01:20: Discussion about LinkedIn; Especially growing brand awareness and winning business using LinkedIn.

03:31: Why you should only add engaged people on LinkedIn; What to post on LinkedIn as a marketer.

05:35: The journey of starting Funky Marketing (Nemanja’s super successful marketing agency)

08:00: Launching Funky Marketing with a 32-page downloadable marketing strategy document

09:05: Getting the first client

10:06: Funky Marketing closed 33 new customers in 2020 (first year of business)

11:11: I ask why someone should use Funky Marketing vs. Building the knowledge in-house

13:02: Why you need to polarise with your content to attract the right type of customer

14:49: We dig deeper into the 32 page strategy document that launched Funky Marketing—what was in it? How did it help them win business? What was the thought process?

15:18: Why eBooks are like going on a blind date—expectations versus reality. A discussion around the problem with most eBooks, leading into the issue with MQLs as a north star metric (and why it marketers should focus on revenue)

18:30: When people downloaded Nemanja’s strategy book, how did he nurture them? The use of webinars to get 5,000 subscribers, then podcasting with another agency founder.

20:55: Creation of ‘Funky Marketing top voices’ to celebrate those marketers who thought like Funky Marketers.

22:29: How to make everyone on your team starting personal branding on LinkedIn

23:47: How his LinkedIn branding efforts translated into easier recruitment of like-minded people

27:13: Why personal stories are so powerful to build a LinkedIn brand; 2-3 personal stories Nemanja tells on LinkedIn

32:08: I ask, ‘Would you say the people and posting on LinkedIn is your most powerful distribution strategy?’ And the answer covers why people are a powerful asset.

33:35: Using Facebook and Instagram PPC advertising to accelerate consumption of your content by the right people.

34:47: Which types of B2B content does Nemanja suggest advertising on FB and Instagram? Who should be targeted?

35:29: How to do retargeting effectively to get clients faster

37:08: What should you and shouldn’t you put an email gate over?

38:03: What is Nemanja’s most controversial marketing opinion? (3x of them)



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