How Venngage Built 3 million Monthly Organic Visitors

Jan 14, 2022 1 min read
How Venngage Built 3 million Monthly Organic Visitors

This week's interview deep dives into how Venngage gets 1.5 million organic visitors per month

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This week, we interviewed Nadya Khoja, the Chief Growth Officer at Venngage.‍

Nadya joined Venngage when they were a small team of four with (a relatively small) 20,000 organic visitors month. 5 years later they’re a team of 50 with 1.5m monthly visitors, driving 150,000 product signups every single month.

We deep dive how they achieved this success, looking at:

  • Tapping into trending topics to create content that goes viral
  • How to get high-quality backlinks that build your site's authority
  • Incorporating journalists into your campaign strategy
  • Ranking for content that converts vs branded keywords.

Read the summary & strategy playbook for this episode here.


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