How to Do Awesome ABM

Jan 14, 2022 2 min read
How to Do Awesome ABM

This week's interview is with Stephanie Cox who reveals all on Lumavate's ABM strategy. Here's 8 stages of personalised outbound to convert clients.

"Gosh, it's like you guys are everywhere."

Want your ideal customer to say this about you?

Then you gotta listen to this week's interview.‍

Stephanie Cox, VP of Marketing at Lumavate drops her entire ABM playbook.

I was so excited by her method that I got our team at SentiSum to start doing this straight away, resulting in me reaching out to Fred Perry with a video of me playing tennis (badly) while trying to recite a sales pitch.

Ask and I might send it to you.

Here's a short summary of the ABM stages you need to follow:

Stephanie Cox's ABM Playbook

Stage 1 - Target customer & Research

  • Pick your ideal, dream customer accounts. Those that fit the clients you already have or whos needs make your ROI obvious.
  • Pick your ideal buyer persona—who within your target account has the personality that fits a speedy sale. Is your product really innovative? Then maybe you'll need to target the early-adopter type persona.

Stage 2 - Run targeted advertising

  • 6-8 weeks before—run LinkedIn ads.
  • With LinkedIn Ads you can target particular companies and particular job titles. Running a brand awareness campaign can get your name in front of them before you reach out. It's always good for your email to not be the first time they heard of you.

Stage 3 - First outreach

  • Write email copy
  • Write scripts
  • Use a tool like Vidyard to generate tons of personalised videos
  • The video is KEY. It needs to be fun, relatable and highly personalised. Fit your company to the target buyer and talk about how you can solve their problems.
  • Send the video. They may not reply, or they may not open it, but eventually it will work.

Stage 4 - Follow up

  • Simple. If they don't watch the video, chase them up and remind them to.

Stage 5 - Direct mail

  • This is a pre-COVID tactic and will need some adjusting, but it's worth including nonetheless.
  • Send your target prospect something really unique (Stephanie gave these examples: baseball cards with use cases as player stats; a money tree with a note saying they'll grow your money; a personalised mug with tailored drink recipes for them to recreate at home)
  • This is where marketing gets fun. You have to think about how you can creatively get someones attention. How can you stand out?
  • Lumavate's post-COVID approach changed. They've started using Cameo to get celebrities to record a video for their prospect. Lumavate is also shifting toward product-led growth, so Senior AE's can focus more heavily on larger, high-value accounts.

Stage 6 - Share thought leadership content

  • Still no response? This is where Stephanie and her team begin sharing thought leadership content. Trying to generate more interesting and staying top of mind for the prospect.

Stage 7 - Specific nurture track

  • After a few months, they put the contact onto a pre-created nurture track. These are filled with content specific to the industry and send an email once every two weeks for around two months.

Stage 8 - General nurture track

  • Once they have not responded to this, the contact falls into the next bucket, a more general nurture track to receive content.

Et voila! Something to test in your own playbook.


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