How to Grow a Large Business YouTube Channel (550K Subscribers and +20K Monthly Growth)

Jan 14, 2022 1 min read
How to Grow a Large Business YouTube Channel (550K Subscribers and +20K Monthly Growth)

Todd Clouser share's his four-step process for building an engaging business YouTube channel. Start to finish tips.

This week on the How the Fxck podcast we have a KILLER interview with Todd Clouser.

In the last few years, Todd has built up a Youtube channel with around 550,000 subscribers. And it’s growing at a rate of 15-20k new subscribers per month.

If you wanna know how to do this for your business then you’re in luck.

Todd Clouser has come on the podcast to share his secrets in detail.

We go over a 4-step process for getting a large reach from engaging content.

1. Identifying the best host and guests (tips on choosing a host and approaching influencers)

2. Content strategy (where you can get tips on how long to plan for and how to identify topics that people in your industry really want to hear about)

3. Execution

4. Leveraging YouTube's analytics

Bonus: how you can promote your content so you get REACH and business growth.

We covered this and so much more.

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