Content Refresh Checklist: How to Refresh Old SEO Content

Jun 21, 2023 10 min read
how to do a content refresh cover

Ah, ye old content refresh.

Pause content creation for a moment. We're revisiting your vast library and squeezing more juice from it.

Expect to learn:

  1. The power of updating old content (case study)
  2. Some clarity: Which content should I actually update?
  3. How to actually refresh content (our 8 tips, which is actually more like 20 tips squished into 8 points)
  4. The one thing I really wish someone told me on day 1 of my SEO career
  5. Systemizing the content refresh

In at the deep end 🫡

For newbies to the community, each week I share best practices for scaling traffic. Some weeks it's an SEO case study, other weeks it's a deep dive into an SEO strategy. Most often the advice started as a podcast interview (with a lot of expansion and extra research going into the final article). This article is free, but many are not. Access all our content (£17/month).
This week's podcast guests are Jessica Lam Hill Young and Yamon Y. from the brand creatives (a content marketing agency). Listen to the supporting interview here.

Content Refresh Case Study (0 to 5,500 Visitors)

In this week's How the F*ck podcast interview, Jess and Yamon from the brand creatives shared a case study that shows how crazy powerful content updates can be.

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